Meet our leaders
At Blockchain-X our focus is on making you & your
Crypto and ICO portfolios/ funds be successful
John Corr
CEO & Strategy
John's mission is to help private offices & Asset Managers secure the full potential from their intended investments in Crypto/ Blockchain/ ICOs assets and effectively risk manage the most significant threats to their returns.
Owen Keane
Legal & Regulatory
Owen is an experienced corporate, commercial, technology and telecoms lawyer (Barrister) with a wide ranging background in advising and supporting various businesses. Particular emphasis on supporting IT, communications and media companies.
Jean-Louis Bravard
Capital Markets & Technology
Jean-Louis has held several senior executive positions at major international technology and financial services firms including being a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Co and served for more than 10 years at EDS Corp (now part of HP) in New York (later London) as Managing Director, Global Financial Services.

Meir Hakkak
Finance & Funding
For over fifteen years, Meir has helped clients deliver exceptional top line growth and add new capabilities to their organisations by closing major deals, which have surpassed their investment cases.
David Pelta
Blockchain Enterprise Architecture
David helps clients focus on re-engineering their business processes that will be impacted significantly by the impact of Crypto currency and Blockchain technologies.

He has a 30 year background working with major financial institutions and holds a Masters degree in Chemistry (University of Oxford).
Phil Millo
Portfolio & Fund Strategy & Design
Phil is the CEO of MCX, a full service crypto-structuring firm based in London and Luxembourg. He is a recognised expert on the creation of crypto-based financial products and is named on several patent applications relating to blockchain consensus algorithms. He attends the UK Government's 'All Party Parliamentary Group Blockchain' group. He has spent much of the last decade executing advanced fiat structures and advising ultra-large asset managers and sovereigns on alternative assets.