We help your firm succeed in the world of Digital Assets (Security Tokens)
We can help you capture your share of the value created by the disruption to Capital Markets from Digital Assets
Blockchain-X exists to enable financial institutions to succeed in the emerging world of Digital Assets
How are we a better choice for you?
We focus on helping firms in Capital Markets compete and succeed in the emerging world of Digital Assets
You can get to market much faster and at lower cost than 'doing it yourself' or depending on 'Goliath' firms who need to cover their bloated cost base with much higher fees
You can help your clients and your firms succeed and prosper through being the most effective route to market for Digital Assets in a fully regulated and compliant manner
How we work
Onboard clients in a fully compliant manner
You can acquire new clients meeting full KYC, AML, PEP regulations in sound jurisdictions in a 'mobile first' world
You and your clients wish to maximise your returns
We can help you create new Digital Assets for your clients to purchase and trade globally 24/7 with 'T0' settlement
Your assets protected from Cyber criminals
We encrypt all client data end-to-end and protect with SSL compliant platforms that can operate across the web, mobile & IoT
Contact us to learn how we can help you prosper in the new Digital Asset economy
Phone: +44 203 637 5501
E-mail: hello@blockchain-x.com
A: 1 Primrose Street, LONDON, EC2A 2EX
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