We help you maximise your returns from your investments in Crypto Assets & ICOs
We can help you build your own Crypto/ ICO portfolio or client fund from start to finish within 6-8 weeks from a cold start, 2 weeks or less if needed
Blockchain-X exists to enable wealth managers, family offices and asset managers to create and operate your own $10-50 million Crypto currency/ ICO portfolio and funds
How are we a better choice for you?
We focus on helping hedge funds, family offices and asset managers build and operate portfolios and funds of Crypto currencies, ICOs and Blockchain assets and can enable you to rapidly build & operate your own $10-50 million portfolio or fund
We can help you structure your products to create value for you and your clients onshore or offshore. We can provide you with a managed service to deliver this in whole or in part
We can help you start your own investment fund for Crypto and/ or ICO assets from start to finish typically in 6-8 weeks and less than 2 weeks if needed
How we work
We begin with structuring the fund and portfolio
We can enable you to design and operate your own Crypto/ ICO portfolio/ fund within 6-8 weeks, our 'secret sauce' is to enable you to do this within 2 weeks if needed
You and your clients wish to maximise your returns
We have an AI powered engine that can enable you to own & operate a complex portfolio of Crypto currencies. We can also help you select the most promising ICOs to consider
Your assets protected from Cyber criminals
We also have a range of Cold Storage and Cyber solutions and services to protect your Crypto & ICO assets from Cyber criminals
Contact us to learn how we can help you setup and operate your own Crypto/ ICO fund within 2 weeks if needed
Phone: +44 203 637 5501
E-mail: hello@blockchain-x.com
A: 1 Primrose Street, LONDON, EC2A 2EX
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