We help you maximise your returns from your investments in Crypto Assets & ICOs
We can help you build your own Crypto/ ICO fund from start to finish
Blockchain-X exists to assist family offices and asset managers understand the full investment potential of Crypto assets & ICOs and effective risk management of the downside from market volatility to cyber crime
We are we a better choice for you?
We focus on Crypto assets, ICOs and Blockchain assets
We understand the fundamental value drivers of Crypto assets beyond the speculative bubble of short-term price volatility
We can help you start your own investment fund for crypto and/ or ICO assets from start to finish and you can selectively outsource key aspects of running these funds to us as needed
How we work
We begin with your investment goals
We seek to gain a thorough understanding of your goals and where you might need help along your journey
We can run your programme from start to finish for a rapid launch
Clients can benefit from a rapid launch through outsourcing key aspects to us and then bring these inhouse as required
Your assets protected
We enable you to get the exposure you wish to Crypto & ICO assets much faster with lower risk and cost than many of your alternative choices
Contact us how you prefer
Phone: +44 203 637 5501
E-mail: hello@blockchain-x.com
A: 1 Primrose Street, LONDON, EC2A 2EX
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